About Us

We are a family owned & operated plant nursery in Laurel, DE. We've been around for 50 YEARS offering annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees, herbs, vegetables, custom planters, gardening advice, tips & tricks from experienced horticulturalists to all of our customers. Stop by & get everything you need to start your new garden or refresh your flower beds & planters.

​Seasonal Plants

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Our Services

We combine the highest quality customer service with equally high quality product and the result just can't be beat. 

Contact us or come by to find out more about our Custom Planters, to see what's in this season, or just to say hi! We'd love to see you!

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Phone: 302-875-2457

Garden Day
Apr 23, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Lakeside Greenhouses,
31494 Greenhouse Ln, Laurel, DE 19956, USA

Delmarva Life...

Mother's Day Gifts

A great idea for any time of year!

Father's Day Is Here!

Father's Day is often overlooked in the plant-gift world. Why is that? Dad likes to garden too! Or maybe grow his own vegetables? Or experiment with something fun and easy to care for like a banana tree plant or succulents! Don't underestimate the sentiment behind the custom planter, add that personal touch with a pair of old busted work boots, or World's Greatest Dad mug, or oldschool wooden beer crate. There are tons of things you can do to get creative this year and maybe give him a new project for the season! 

Raised Beds 

These may be your best friend with this unconventionally wet year we're having - it's all about that drainage! Keep a rain guage handy to keep track and be sure to check out the type of soil you're using - clay heavy soils hold moisture more than sandy types.