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We are a family owned and operated plant nursery in Laurel, DE and family and plants are what we do. Open for wholesale and retail, we put our everything into every cutting, crop, and basket to give you the absolute best bloom for your buck. 


Where it started...

Jay and Janet Windsor opened the doors of Lakeside in 1972

Where it is now...

Craig and Jill Rice manage things these days, juggling family, fun, and the Greenhouses, they always make time to ensure their customers receive the best care and service. 

Our Vision

To continue to provide top quality products at fair prices. To engage our community, to strengthen those ties that already exist and build new ones that affirm our appreciation and pride for this area and its residents. To utilize innovation, efficiency, dedication, and passion to create an environment of business excellence, build lasting relationships, and work towards a better future both as individuals and together.

Where it's going...


While it's uncertain if any of them will some day take the reins, a number of the third & fourth generation of Greenhouse-ians are involved in the business in one way or another. Which means, you'll just have to stick around and see what happens. 

In the meantime...

Welcome to Lakeside Greenhouses!

Now you know our story, come share yours with us!

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