While our selection does vary with the seasons, here are some things you can expect to find:


It's here! The season of long days, short nights, and fireflies. Let us help you to embrace the season. Come by and check out these beauties - and these are just a few - in person, we can't wait to see you!

Spring Pricelist Highlights 2020



4 packs - $1.30/pack or $13.00/full tray

4.5" - $2.25

3 gallon - $15

Herbs & Fancy Annuals

4.5" - $4.50

6" - $5.50

Perennials - 1 gallon


Hanging Baskets

10" - $13.00

or priced as marked

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Herbs & Succulents
Coming Soon to a Greenhouse near you...

Are you always thinking ahead? Great! Ponder on some of these goodies, coming to your friendly neighborhood greenhouse this spring! These are just a tasting of what we'll have, check back for updates!

Fall Mums & Ornamental Cabbage & Kale
Fresh Winter Greens & Poinsettias

And every season you can expect to find excellent service, smiling faces and quality products. 

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